Let’s Talk Bookish: Why Do You Blog?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. Today’s topic is Why Do You Blog?

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started Worlds Unlike Our Own in October 2018. I’ve been informally reviewing books since around late 2016 when I was on my internship year during university. At that time, I didn’t want to get into something major because I knew I would be back to a hectic schedule pretty soon, so I stuck to posting on Goodreads, but the idea of creating a blog was always there way before that as a way to share my opinions on the books I read.

What keeps you motivated to continue? Have you ever thought about not blogging anymore? What would make you go on a hiatus for forever?

I think the biggest thing that keeps me motivated is that I make sure to I remember that blogging is a hobby so I should enjoy it and never get stressed about it. Considering that I’ve only been blogging for around 2 years, stopping is not something that has come to mind. I don’t think I’d ever give up on my blog completely, but instead scale back how much I post if other commitments started taking more time.

Do you have any specific plans for your blog this year, and if so, what are they?

The major visible change to my blog this year is the addition of the Let’s Talk Bookish meme, and changing the layout for some of my posts as I’m trying to get used to the WordPress block editor. On the organization side, I’ve started to use Notion for planning out my blog schedule and take notes while reading, though I’m still tracking stats through my spreadsheets.

Do you participate in any bookish memes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Why Do You Blog?

  1. Noelle January 22, 2021 / 1:03 pm

    Great post! Viewing blogging as a hobby to enjoy is sound advice. I’ve only been at it a few months myself, but sometimes I switch between my hobbies so I can come back to my blog feeling refreshed. 🙂

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