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Shadow and Bone came out on Netflix last weekend, and I am completely obsessed. I’m currently re-watching it for the third time and it’s just so good! Seeing as I’m completely distracted from my reading as a result, I figured this would be a good time to do this tag. I came across this tag on Library Looter and it was originally created by Rebecca Books on Youtube.

Kaz Brekker: A book that you shouldn’t judge by the cover.

The most recent book that totally surprised me was A Court of Silver Flames, which ended up being my book of the month for April. Admittedly, it was more than the cover that had me nervous to read this book, but I was quite shocked by how much I enjoyed it!

Nina Zenik: A book that made you feel empowered.

It’s an odd choice I know, but Geekerella is a book that I really connected with.

Inej Ghafa: A book with a good balance of character and plot.

I’m really enjoying The Last Hours series for both its plot and character development which is, in my opinion, Cassandra Clare’s best work yet.

Alina Starkov: A unique book, one that is unlike anything you’ve ever read.

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, which I read earlier this year was just so unique in its plot and perfectly fits this.

Mal Oretsev: A book that always sticks with you.

This one is undoubtedly Lord of the Rings. It was the first epic fantasy novel I remember reading and no matter how many other books I’ve read from this genre that is now amongst my favourites, nothing has ever surpassed this series.

The Darkling: A book with a dark plot/ story line.

It has been a couple of years since I read this series, but when I hear dark storyline, The Conqueror’s Saga always comes to mind.

Jesper Fahey: A book that people always seem to leave out.

The Age of Darkness series is a series that I’ve always felt is very underrated.

Wylan Van Eck: A book that wasn’t what it seemed at first.

The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh. It started out pretty good, but the excitement level just dropped after a point.

Matthias Helvar: A book that was bad at first but turned out good.

We Hunt the Flame was definitely a book that seemed too drawn out at first, but became so much better as it progressed!

Nikolai Lantsov: A witty book.

My Lady Jane has been a longtime favourite of mine and I love the witty banter that never fails to make me laugh.

Have you watched the Shadow and Bone series or are you a fan of the books? I’m not going to be tagging anyone, but feel free to do this tag if you like it! Make sure to link back so I can read your answers!

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  1. Jodie | That Happy Reader May 2, 2021 / 12:10 pm

    What a fun and interesting book tag! Thanks for sharing.

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