Best of 2022

Babel – R. F. Kuang – ARC Review

After he loses his entire family during a cholera epidemic in Canton, Robin Swift is brought to London by Professor Lovell and trained to be fluent in many languages in preparation for the day he will join Oxford’s prestigious Royal Institution of Translation, better known as Babel. As the center of the magical art of silver-working, Babel is at the heart of the British Empire’s power. But though Robin loves Oxford and his studies there, he begins to realize that all this pursuit of knowledge will inevitably be used in the service of the Empire, against his own homeland of China that he left so many years ago. Things come to a head when Britain plans to wage an unjust war with China and Robin must decide how far he is willing to go to bring down Babel and if violence is necessary to fight back against this corrupt and powerful institution.…

Wrath Goddess Sing – Maya Deane – ARC Review

Achilles has been hiding on Skyros among the kallai, living as a woman ever since she fled her cruel Myrmidon clan. When war is declared against the Hittites and Odysseus arrives to recruit ‘Prince’ Achilles, she chooses to die rather than be forced back to a life she doesn’t want, to fight as a man, but Athena, her divine mother, intervenes and grants her the woman’s body she has always wanted. And so Achilles goes to war. But as she becomes ever more entangled in the battles, she learns that it is the hand of the bloodthirsty gods behind it all. Their power fuelled by human sacrifices from wars over centuries, they have woven terrible schemes to make things fall into place and grow stronger. The cruel immortal sorceress Helen is at the center of it all and marks Achilles as a worthy foe, aiming to destroy everyone she holds dear in pursuit of a final battle with her. The war will not end until one of them is dead, and Achilles must be careful who she chooses to trust.…

Mini Reviews #19

Hello readers, and welcome to Mini Reviews, where I talk about some of the books I don’t write full length reviews for. This installment, let’s chat about: Aru Shah & the Nectar of Immortality, This Golden State and Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak.…

Eyes of the Void – Adrian Tchaikovsky – ARC Review

Following the second battle of Berlenhof, the Architects are indubitably back and causing chaos as they begin to destroy world after world. Where in the previous war, the presence of Originator artifacts on a world provided a certain amount of protection, the Architects seem to have found a way to circumvent its protection. Every planet a target and the various groups of humans, aliens and other species are thrown into chaos as they argue about how to combat the threat. Idris, who has spent his life running away from the memories of the first war, is very much in demand to get back on the front lines as his Intermediary abilities, combined with the discovery he made about the Architects at Berlenhof, may be the only ray of hope. As various factions make a play for power in the chaotic political situation that has resulted, Idris and his allies search for a weapon that can repel the Architects, but the answer may not be what they expected.…

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J. Maas

A few months after the events of the first book, Bryce is trying to adjust between her Starborn abilities and figuring out a new normal with Hunt. Both of them are eager to sit back and relax after everything that has happened, and are more than willing to heed the Asteri’s not so subtle warning. The Asteri too, seem to be keeping to their word so far, but unrest is stirring outside Lunathion. The rebellion is gaining momentum and as what could be a crucial piece comes into play, Bryce and the entire group get drawn into the whole affair, placing them on a collision course with both the rebels and the agents of the Asteri.…

This list will be updated throughout the year. Check back later for new additions!

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