Best of 2023

Book Review: Chain of Thorns – Cassandra Clare

Cordelia has fled to Paris with Matthew, trying to forget her many woes – the recent death of her father, the breakdown of her marriage to James, and the fact that she has unwittingly become the demon Lilith’s paladin, bound to her service and unable to wield any weapon without calling on her. Meanwhile, Lucie has vanished along with the warlock Malcolm Fade and the newly resurrected Jesse Blackthorn, and her family is desperately searching for her. But when news arrives that Tatiana Blackthorn has escaped her imprisonment at the Adamant Citadel, it’s all hands on deck at the London…

ARC Review: Clytemnestra – Costanza Casati

Clytemnestra is born the eldest princess of Sparta, her father’s favourite, a skilled huntress, warrior and said to be the cleverest of her siblings. None of that saves her, however, from being married off to the tyrant Agamemnon in a betrayal by her own father and packed off to be the queen of another kingdom and Clytemnestra is helpless to stop or fight against any of it. Still, she works to make her position as Queen and mother, and her intelligence and strength make her a feared ruler in her new home, though she never forgets the atrocities that have…

This list will be updated throughout the year. Check back later for new additions!

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