Review Policy

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in my blog and reviews. If you are an author or publisher, I am happy to accept books for review consideration on this blog. Please read through the following carefully before contacting me regarding the same.

Current Status (last updated October 15th, 2022):


I am currently not accepting any review requests.

What genres do I accept?

Genres I accept for review:


Genres I may accept for review:


Genres I will not accept for review:

  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • Non-fiction
  • Any novels that are too political or religion focused
  • Middle-grade novels
  • Romance

I recommend taking a look at my Goodreads page as well as my review archive here to get a feel for the type of books I enjoy, along with my TBR pages which I regularly update with the latest titles I’m hoping to read. Please note that when it comes to Young Adult novels in the genres as mentioned above, I am more likely to consider titles that are targeted towards upper YA (15+). I prefer to review new/upcoming titles or those that are no older than 6 months.

What formats do I accept?

I accept both ebooks and print ARCs. I also accept galleys. As my primary reading device is a Kindle Paperwhite, mobi or epub files are preferred. I do not accept audiobooks.

What should be included in a review request?

  • Book Summary
  • Genre & target audience age group
  • Release date
  • Is this book part of a series?
  • Why you think I would enjoy this book/ Why you would like me to review this book
  • Time frame in which you would ideally like to see a review posted
  • If applicable, any content warnings
  • Any other relevant information or additional expectations

What happens if I accept a review request?

Worlds Unlike Our Own is a blog I write as a hobby. I am always excited at the opportunity to get an early glimpse of a book and share my thoughts and opinion about it. Please understand that acceptance of a book does not guarantee that I will immediately read or review it. My timeline for reviewing depends on a number of factors, the status of my to-read pile and my reading mood for instance. However, where possible, I will do my best to post a review within 2-3 weeks. For ARCs, I will generally try to post my review 10-14 days prior to the release date, unless otherwise requested. Apart from this blog, all reviews will be cross posted to my Goodreads account. Please note that the earlier a review request is sent, the better, since my posting schedule is usually planned out atleast two months in advance.

My review for any book consists of my personal and honest opinion. While I will always attempt to be courteous in my critique, if I do not like a book or some aspect of it, my review will reflect that. Furthermore, I reserve the right to not post a review if I do not finish the book or am not comfortable with providing feedback for it.

What is my rating system?

1 star
Personally did not like or enjoy it.

2 stars
Not particularly interesting.
There may have been a few things I liked, but
something about the book just didn’t click.
May have struggled to finish it.

3 stars
Liked it for the most part.
Nice for a fun read, but probably not a re-read. Plot line may have
been slightly predictable/cliched or writing style did not appeal to me.

4 stars
Really enjoyed it.
Engaging story, possibly some minor points I didn’t
like,  but would definitely recommend and keep
an eye out for more books from the same author.

5 stars
Amazing, absolutely loved it!
Would highly recommend.

Best of Year Shelf
I choose a select number of books from my 4 or 5 star list
to add to this shelf yearly. These are those books that I thoroughly
enjoyed and found very little, if anything to criticize.

I am very picky as to which books I give a five star rating to. When I cannot make up my mind between two ratings, I do give half-star ratings. Additionally, I will not rate books that I do not complete, instead marking them as ‘Did Not Finish‘.

Where can I contact you?

All enquiries can be directed through my Contact page or to my email at Please allow at least 7-10 days for my response.

If you have followed my guidelines with regards to genres and age groups and I have not responded to a review request within that time, please understand that although I am honored that you would like me to review your book, I am unable to do so at this time due to time constraints.