2021 Book Haul | Blogmas 2021: Day 25

Merry Christmas and welcome to the final post of Blogmas 2021!! I’m quite happy that I actually managed to complete Blogmas this year given how little preparation I was able to do ahead of time and for my last post, I thought I would share a quick glimpse of all the books I added to my shelves this year.

I am going to be on hiatus for the next week and will be taking the time to relax and recharge from the crazy year, and of course, also read more books in line with my 2022 goal of staying ahead in my reading. There are a few of my routine posts scheduled in the next week, but I will not be back on the blog until the new year, so wishing everyone a Happy New Year ahead of time!

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2020 Book Haul

Hello readers! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! My TBR pile is as huge as ever, and Christmas hasn’t helped much. I’ve been book shopping more than usual this year, and finally picked up a few books I’ve been wanting for years now, so I thought I’d share my 2020 book haul with you, including the ARCs I received for review.

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